Multi Factor Authentication required after Thursday Oct. 31st

This is a reminder that all UW–Madison students (and student employees) must enroll in multi-factor authentication from Duo (MFA-Duo) before this Thursday, October 31.

Any student (or student employee) who does not enroll prior to the deadline, will not be able to access UW–Madison online applications that they access through their NetID (e.g. MyUW, Canvas, etc.)

All students (and student employees) have been sent multiple communications on how to enroll, where they can obtain a free token/fob or security key, and have been invited to attend over 63 pop-up Help Desk events for assistance. Over 86% of students/student employees have enrolled as of 10:30am today.

If you have a student who cannot access the applications needed for their classwork or job, please direct them to:

  • call the DoIT Help Desk for assistance at (608) 264-4357
  • stop by the Walk-in DoIT Help Desk in the Computer Science building at 1210 W. Dayton St.
  • visit a DoIT Pop-Up Help Desk locations (access the Google doc using your
  • Vist the how to enroll in MFA KnowledgeBase article at

We appreciate your help in ensuring that our students’ information is secured by supporting solutions like MFA Duo.