New Intranet site – registration process

We have a new BMI intranet site to provide content that’s relevant for the department, but not secret either.

The address is:


Access is limited to those of us in the department, as that’s the point of an intranet, so right now, if you go to the site you will get this response: “403 Error: Permission Required”


Unfortunately, we can’t simply add you to the site logon, as you need to activate your WiscWeb account first. You can do that by going to the following site

where you’ll be prompted with the usual UW login and authentication.


Once you have logged on there, we’ll be able to activate you from within WordPress.

Once you have logged into WiscWeb (or if you have already activated your WiscWeb account), let us know by emailing with the account username (NetID or first.lastname) you used to activate your WiscWeb account, and we’ll be able to add you to our access list for the intranet site.

Once we register you for the intranet site, you’ll get an email from the system confirming that, and you’ll be able to logon and see the intranet site using those same credentials.

I know, it’s a little complicated, but don’t worry, you only have to go through this registration process once.


If you have any questions or issues, send a message to and we’ll give you a hand with the registration or logon process.