Service Interruptions Thursday, March 5th, 9-11pm.

Please do not have long-running computations, including condor jobs, running during the 9pm to 11pm window on Thursday.

Anticipating the possibility of a campus-wide shutdown in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the BCG will be conducting a few tests on our systems the evening of Thursday, March 5th. Because both BCG server room locations are in the UW Hospital complex, we are verifying processes for remote administration in particular, as well as for hardware fault testing and short term power interruptions.

These tests will involve interruptions in service. In particular, core file servers will be getting reboots. This will interrupt access to:

  • home directories (/ua/username)
  • project directories (/z/Proj/project)
  • compute directories (/z/Comp/project)

Some of the compute servers (nebulas, condor compute nodes) will also be reboot for testing.

We also encourage people who don’t remotely connect to departmental resources very often to spend a few minutes to verify that they can connect as expected: