Monday Feb 22, 2021: Cannot Read Biostat Email Account in O365 Web Client and/or Desktop Client

When you log into the web client and click on, it sends you instead to  For some people, the desktop client does not show the biostat account.  This seems to be random.  Some people have one problem but not the other, some have both problems, and lucky one have neither problem.  This is a problem that is still ongoing.  There is a workaround described below.

From the DoIT outages page:

There is currently an issue when logging in to service accounts via,, The links for any service account will take you to your own mailbox. This is happening to multiple users on varied browsers. It seems to work in Incognito or Private browser window. Service account mailboxes may also be accessed via Outlook Web client by using “Open another mailbox” link after selecting profile photo/initials in upper right of Outlook Web client. Technologists are working to resolve the issue.

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