Wed, Mar 30, 2022: Server Room Cooling Updates

On Wednesday, March 30th, from 6am to 4pm, Facilities will be making changes to the cooling in our CSC server room.

To limit the need for cooling in that room while the work goes on, we will be turning off several compute servers.

  • We have contacted PIs directly if any of their own compute servers will be shut down.
  • The high-memory compute servers mastodon-3 and mastodon-5 will be off. Mastodons 1 and 2 will still be available.
  • 10 hosts in our HTCondor cluster will be off, which will mean about 120 fewer CPUs will be available in HTCondor during that time.

Please do not start new jobs on the mastodons 3 or 5 if they will not complete before 4am on Wednesday.

HTCondor jobs will be evicted from the 10 affected hosts between 5 and 6am before the machines are shut down. But note that most of our HTCondor pool is installed in a different server room, and will continue running during the upgrades to the other room.