May 15, 2015 - Office 365 Transition

In June, DoIT will start their big push to move remaining email users (mostly faculty and staff) from the old email system to Office 365.

Though we are not yet ready to move the department to Office 365, we would like to let everyone know where we are in the process and to give you some things to think about in anticipation of this change.

The goal of campus is to have everyone consolidate their various email addresses into one. Though it will still be possible to have more than one email address, at the moment consolidation is the simplest option.

April 27 2015, 3:00pm - File Server Slow-down (Resolved)

One of our file servers is exhibiting very odd network behavior, which makes some machines unable to talk to it.

Mostly this has affected /z/Comp and computational disk space. But the slow-down has caused some other services to slow down as a result, too. In particular the departmental web server may be a bit sluggish.

We have a workaround in place which may result in generally slower access to that server. We will leave that slower configuration in place until we can identify the cause of the more severe networking problem.

Nov 6 2014 - Python 2.7.6 Library Update: iPython Notebook, OpenFST

The /s/bin/python version 2.7.6 has recently been upgraded with some libraries:

  • SymPy
  • iPython - an interactive notebook interface to Python; using ipython notebook will open a browser window, giving enhanced graphical capabilities. The most important note: use SHIFT-RETURN to send a python command to the interpreter.
  • PyFST, an interface to the OpenFST weighted finite-state transducers library.

October 21 2014 - MSC SMI power outage Oct. 21

Campus electricians have scheduled a 3 hour electrical power outage of
the SMI and 420 N. Charter addresses, for Tuesday, October 21st, 2014,
from 4:00 am to 7:00 am. The transformers and switchgear will be taken
offline for cleaning. This outage has the potential to affect any
network switches at MSC during the outage window. If the outage takes
less time than the allotted 3 hours, the building(s) will be energized

October 10 2014 - CSC Scheduled Power Outages Oct 11 & 12

The hospital physical plant has scheduled a power outage in CSC H6/5 this weekend. First, there will be a 1-minute outage at 10:00PM Saturday night (10/11), then another 1-minute outage sometime between 5:00AM and 6:00AM Sunday morning (10/12).

If you do not have a UPS battery backup for your computer, it will go down. Before you leave today, it would be good to shut down your computer. It's better for a computer to be shut down nicely by you than to suddenly lose power and go down the hard way.

October 1 2014 - File Server Outage Oct 4, 9:00pm

What: All Biostat compute, file serving, and BCG condor resources
When: Sunday Oct 4, from 9pm to 10pm

Summary: The BCG requires an outage to all biostat file servers in order to apply patches to improve stability. Home directories and project/computational spaces will all be affected. The file servers for biostat will be unavailable Sunday Oct 4th starting at 9pm for a period of one hour.

If critical compute jobs need to be running during this outage please contact us ASAP.