BMI Mailing Lists

Below are the various mailing lists associated with the Biostatistics and Medical Informatics department, and which accounts are added to the upon creation.

Mailings lists can be used in the format sends e-mail), however some of them moderate incoming messages and require special administration to use.

To be added to a mailing list, send your request to sends e-mail).

Current Mailing Lists:

Format: Attribute (mailing lists)


  • Clinical Sciences Center (biostat-csc)
  • Medical Sciences Center (biostat-msc)
  • WARF (biostat-warf)
  • Biotechnology Building (biostat-biotech)
  • Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (biostat-wid)

Account Type:

  • Graduate Students (bmi-all-users, bmigrad)
  • Faculty (bmi-all-users, biostat-faculty, bmi-stat)
  • Researchers (bmi-all-users, bmi-researcher-stat)
  • Administration (bmi-all-users)


  • Biostatistics (biostat-all)
  • Medical Informatics (bioinformatics)
  • SDAC (sdac)
  • CPCP (cpcp)
  • Biostat Seminar Events (biostat-seminar)
  • Machine Learning Group (bmi-mlgroup)
  • Students and Faculty working the MSC (msc_students)