Connecting to Your Biostat Account

BCG Support will personally contact you to give you your login credentials.

Please reset the password right away as per the usual guidelines (i.e., at least 8 characters, mixed case, numbers, symbols, no dictionary words, no part of your name, etc.). There are two places to change your password:  one for the Linux machines and one for the Windows machines (desktop and servers).  People usually, but do not have to, use the same for both since they are linked in the file system and we are in the process of migrating to a single sign-on where you will only have to change it in one place.


To reset your password using Linux, use ssh to log into,, or
From those machines, you can use ssh -Y to connect to the rest of the machines we have.

Run the command yppasswd and follow the prompts, pressing the Enter key after typing the passwords.
(NB: You will not see anything as you type, and the backspace key doesn’t do what one would expect.  If a mistake is made whilst typing the password, just press Enter until it displays “Password does not match” and try again.)

After it accepts the new password, the change will propagate through the system after about 10 minutes.  You won’t be able to log into a different machine with the new password until the change has propagated throughout the system.  Please be patient.

If you experience problems, please contact


Please reset the password right away as per the usual guidelines (i.e., at least 8 characters, mixed case, numbers, symbols, no dictionary words, etc.).

Logging on locally to a Windows desktop computer:

Use your biostat username and temporary password to log on to the desktop computer.

Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose Change a password and follow the prompts.

Logging in remotely to a Windows desktop or one of the Windows servers:

Be sure to connect to your computer via VPN (GlobalProtect) first.

Log in to,, or winstat via Remote Desktop Connection, using your biostat username and temporary password.
Once logged in, go to Start => Windows Security => Change a password and change your password.  This is on the lower right-side of the Start Menu, just above the Log off button.  Alternatively, you can click CTRL + ALT + END to select the option to change your password.

Additional information:

The Biomedical Computing Group (BCG) website ( ) has additional information about our computing infrastructure, computer access and use policies, available computing resources, and information about the high throughput computing system using HTCondor.  It also has notification statuses (maintenance, outages, etc.) and knowledge base articles.

Remote Connections:

You will be able to connect to our servers and to your desktop workstation remotely from off-campus using GlobalProtect, the campus VPN client. For this, you will need to point to the portal instead of Please contact BCG support with any VPN connections issues or questions.

(Please Note: Individuals with their static vpn IP addresses configured for our department’s firewall access can access our servers using the portal