Aug 20, 2018: Email delivery problems

Late last week the BCG made some changes to our name server configuration at the request of DoIT (Outlook integration). Unfortunately, in making those changes we introduced a bug into how email addresses are resolved. This error caused email from outside the UW Outlook system, to addresses, to fail to deliver. Email sent to your address, or sent entirely from within UW's Outlook, would still be delivered as normal.

We have fixed the problem (at about 9:45am this morning), and made additional changes to the configuration to prevent this particular sort of problem from happening again.

Many mail servers will try to deliver failed email for several days (up to five, but sometimes less). So, some of you will be getting email out of normal time order. If a mail server was unable to deliver within its retry period, the person trying to send you email will get a notice that the mail wasn't delivered, so there should be no silent losses of email.

I apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.

William S. Annis