The BCG has approximately 1,000 cores (Linux) available for use by Condor, the high throughput computing system developed in UW's Computer Science Department.

Before using condor for the first time, please contact the BCG and let us know what you're trying to accomplish. In particular, include information about —

  1. How long an individual job will run.
  2. How many individual jobs you will run.
  3. How much I/O each job will do (that is, how much data is it reading and writing).

Do not run condor jobs from your home directory. We have separate file servers for computational use. Contact us to have us set up a computational space for you.

In addition to the locally available computation, we can work with you to get access to the resources of UW's Center for High Throughput Computing. While many sorts of software will run with little or no modification, using CHTC resources might require some changes the BCG and the CHTC can help you through.

Please contact us with any questions.