Delete BMI Account

BMI Unix Account Deletion Form

Please fill in the following form to request the deactivation or deletion of an account. Please fill in all fields. Finally, make sure you have made arrangements with the owner of the account being deleted for the transfer of those files which your group needs. The user’s email will be deleted, never transferred.
Please see our Account Deletion Policy for account data retention timelines.
THIS FORM FOR BMI ACCOUNTS ONLY. You cannot request deletion for an account which is not directly supported by the University of Wisconsin Department of Biostatistics.
A copy of this account deletion request will be emailed to you and to the person whose account is being deactivated, which is why we need your email address as well.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please Note: If you give us a forwarding address for this account, the forward will remain active for 6 months. If no forward is given, the account is deleted and all email directed to the account will be rejected with a ‘No Such User’ message.

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