Git Repository

The BCG maintains an application for web-based, authenticated Git(link is external) repositories. By default it authenticates against your Biostat account, but we can also add other non-local users, so that you can give access to off-site collaborators. The repositories are backed up nightly.

The web interface is at

When requesting a Git repository, please let us know:

  • the repository name
  • whom to make the repository owner
  • who else will have access
  • if anyone without a Biostat account needs access, their names and email addresses
  • what permissions the repository should have (see below)

The application we use, Gitblit(link is external), has moderately sophisticated access controls, so we can fine-tune who can do what with your repository. Here are the access options:

  • Restrict Push (Authenticated): Anyone can see and clone this repository. All authenticated users have RW+ push permission.
  • Restrict Push (Named): Anyone can see and clone this repository. You choose who can push.
  • Restrict Clone & Push: Anyone can see this repository. You choose who can clone and push.
  • Restrict View, Clone, & Push: You choose who can see, clone, and push to this repository.

Selecting who can see and do what is managed from within the web application.

Please mail sends e-mail) to request a Git repository or with any questions.