Linux Login Servers


Adhara is the BMI department’s general Linux login server, and acts as an SSH gateway into the network. From adhara you can SSH into any other BMI compute server or your desktop Linux machine.

If you are on any campus network (including wireless) you can ssh into

If you want to login from off campus then you must first connect using to the campus VPN (WiscVPN), then you can ssh to Adhara is the only BMI server accessible via a Dynamic VPN, all others require either a Static VPN connection, or using Adhara as a gateway first. For more information on VPN connections, seeUW’s KB for VPN documentation.

After connecting to adhara, you must connect to other compute servers to do compute work or data transfers. Do not use adhara for compute, moving large datasets, or VS Code. Connect to the nebula servers (see the section immediately below) or see here if you have larger compute needs.

General Access Compute Servers

The general BMI compute servers are nebula-2 through nebula-9. These are accessible via Adhara or a Static VPN.

Without a VPN

The BMI department does provide a secure Linux gateway server that does not require a VPN connection to SSH into, however it requires special access authorization from the BCG to use. Please contact the BCG for more information on this.