Reaching Your Biostat Email

The UW now uses Microsoft Office365 for all email accounts. See below for information on accessing your email, or configuring your email client for use with your Biostat email account.

From a web browser:

To access the Outlook Web App (OWA), go to
User name: Your UW NetID
Password: Your UW NetID Password
Once logged in, click the link to your email account.

From an email client at home or on your laptop:

Office365 Server and Account Configuration Settings
Email Address: sends e-mail)

Incoming Server:
Username for Incoming Server: sends e-mail)
Incoming Server Type:
IMAP : Port 993
POP : Port 995 (make sure you set it to “Leave mail on server”)
Incoming Server Security/SSL settings: SSL

Outgoing Server (SMTP):
Username for Outgoing Server: sends e-mail)
Outgoing Server (SMTP) Port/Security Type:
Port 587 using TLS (also referred to as STARTTLS)
Port 465 using SSL (use for Outlook 2003 or if your email client does not list TLS or STARTTLS as an option)
Note: Mac Mail clients will support TLS even though it only says SSL. Use port 587 for Mac Mail setup.
Username for Outgoing Server: sends e-mail)

Your Biostat Account Password

You can now update your Biostat email account password by going to, logging in with your NetID, clicking on your @biostat email account, and selecting ‘Reset Password’ under Account Administration. Enter your new password and confirm it, then press the Change Password button. You can also contact the BCG for assistance in resetting your password.