Setting up a Web Site

Web Sites

WiscWeb is a campus web publishing system that utilizes WordPress. While WiscWeb doesn’t host personal sites, it is able to host lab and project websites.

If you’re just interested in adding some information to your current departmental profile, please email with the information, and we’ll get your profile updated.

Historically we have hosted sites have had the URL While those sites won’t go away, we are using other ways to manage websites on our various web publishing platforms, so the sites will not be named with “~” prepends in the future.

Project Web Site

Pprojects and labs can have web sites for their groups. WiscWeb can host these, or we can. The most straightforward URL for these is If you need an entirely different domain under, please be aware that DoIT and the CIO’s office need to approve of new domains, and their current requirements for this are fairly strict. If you can get such a domain, however, we can host it for you.

Again, neither CGI nor PHP is available for project web sites. If you need that sort of functionality, please contact us to discuss other options.

Large Datasets

If you are providing access to extremely large datasets, or want to host large media such as movies of lectures, etc., please let us know so we can determine if capacity adjustments are required. By “large” here we mean files of more than 10G, or multiple files which in total add up to 50G or more.