Sites for publishing publicly accessible research data

We often get requests to publish public research data, and we’ve compiled a listing of some places where one can do that.

Research Data services also has a good overview of many options available –

and here’s a short list of some sites –

On Campus –
WiscWeb (which also hosts websites) –
Google Drive –

Beyond the UW-
Galaxy – Maximum size limit is 50 GB (uncompressed). 250 GB of storage is available per Galaxy account. –

CyVerse Discovery Environment – 5 GB of space for free, but can be relatively slow to display. Offers a paid subscription service to expand space.

Github – files limited to 100MB, but very fast.

Figshare – not limited and fast, but every file needs to be uploaded individually and cannot be changed. Optimal for very stable links, e.g. in publications.

UW is a member of the open data publishing platform, Dryad –
Dryad –