SMB Mounted Directories by Function

SMB Mounted Directories by Function

Home Directory connection (except sdac)

note: squid for cetus (cetus & leo now)# home directories and admin

comp space and large proj space connection

note: yuggoth for pavo # comp and large proj

old default server connection – don’t use this machine # may want to try squid instead

note: kadath for cetus & leo & pavo  # common default before the change

SDAC Home Directory and SDAC project space

#SDAC only, homedir is on leo

ulthar for leo (cetus & leo now)# SDAC

macOS users with Enterprise connect, the dialog box looks like the following:

Enterprise connect needs to have the first DNS defined as This should be set for you automatically, but if there are problems, that is a good place to check.

  • note – it is now safe to use the Mount my home directory checkbox. The homedir line below that may be removed.