BCG Status Updates

Mon, Feb 6, 2017, 1:00pm: File Server Outage [Resolved 10:17pm]

Access to the main file server is intermittent. We're working on it now.

10:17pm Update: File system services to user home directories and project directories are now working again.

There will need to be a scheduled outage (perhaps more than one) to deal with additional clean-up and adjustments. The system might be a bit slower than usual for a few days.

Most machines have recovered on their own from the outage, but a few may be so confused they need a reboot. We'll be checking hosts, but please let us know if you run into any stuck machines.

File Server Outage Scheduled for 9-11pm, Jan 16th

There will be an outage to do hardware maintenance on both the user home directory (/ua/, /z/Proj/) as well as the computational file server (/z/Comp/). The outage will last from 9pm to 11pm on Monday, January 16th.

You should not run Condor jobs during this outage.

File Server Outage Scheduled for Tue, Sep. 13, 10:00pm

The main home directory file server will be down for two hours Tuesday evening to install urgent software updates.

Some project directories are on the same file server, and we recommend against scheduling Condor jobs through the outage window.

Update, Sep 14: all upgrades were successfully installed.

June 29 2016: New version of R available, 3.3.1.

The most recent version of R, 3.3.1, is available with the command R331.

It will be come the default version of R (when you just type R) on July 18th.

Critical File Server Upgrade, Wed, March 16, 9:30pm-12:00

As many of you have doubtless noticed, the file server holding your home directories has been misbehaving in recent weeks. To address that, we'd like to take down the file server for hardware maintenance the evening of Wednesday, March 16th, from 9:30pm until midnight.

During the outage your home directory will be unavailable and you'll not be able to log in. Your email, as a DoIT service, will be unaffected by the outage.

We also recommend you not have any CONDOR jobs scheduled during that time.

Jan 15 2016: Python library updates and Git

The Python deep learning support library Theano has been added to Python 2 and 3.

Since the last time we checked, several additional scientific packages have been ported to Python 3 (matplotlib, in particular). So, for the moment, Python 2 and 3 have parallel scientific libraries. Details.

We have recently installed an authenticated, web-managed Git repository tool, available to all Biostat users. Details.

Jan 11 2016 : Project and Compute file server down [Updated 6:44pm]

Status: (6:44pm) the compute file server is back up.

Due to a lengthy power outage in one of our server rooms, a large number of compute machines, and one main file server, were offline since Sunday.

The compute machines are mostly back now.

It seems there was a power surge when the power came back on, which has caused problems for the project/compute file server. We're currently working (9:30am) to move the drives to a different chassis and bring that service back online. I'll update this page when that service is back.

Note that replication, which provides the backup copies of that server, will not be happening for at least a few days while we replace the damaged hardware for the server.

The main file server which hosts people's home directories and many project directories has been unaffected by this outage. The problems only apply to high-compute storage space.

As of this evening, we have the compute file server back up and serving files. As I say above, there will be no replication for a few days, until we can either fix or replace a motherboard on the replication host.

Throughput (network speed) is going to be a bit slow until some time tomorrow (Jan 12).

Dec 21 2015 - "Identity Finder" software required by CIO

The Office of the CIO for the UW has mandated that we must scan all UW-owned computers in the department for restricted data — in this case, Social Security Numbers.

For this, the CIO's office has gotten a campus license for software called "Identity Finder" which we (meaning BCG) must install, run, and report the results of to them. We are using our update manager, called Tivoli Endpoint Manager, to remotely deplay the Identity Finder client software.

This software only runs on Windows and OSX, so if you have only Linux, you won't see Identity Finder. The rest of you, however, may notice a new item called Identity Finder among your programs. If you put a USB flash drive in your PC or Mac, a window may open up asking if you want to scan it with Identity Finder. You can say "no" to that, and also tell it to not ask every time you use removable media like flash drives.

If you want the details, here is the PDF.

But basically, all Schools, Colleges, Divisions, Departments, Centers, and other units of UW-Madison must at least annually find, reduce, protect, and report the storage locations of UW-Madison Restricted Data related to the unit's business, including Restricted Data stored by contractors or other entities or persons associated with the unit.

The Restricted Data Management policy will initially only apply to UW-Madison Social Security Numbers (SSN's) during the period from January 1st 2015 through December 31st 2015. The initial period may be extended. The policy will eventually apply to all UW-Madison Restricted Data.