Account Deletion

Because we do not use tape backups, but rely on full replication of our fileservers (see Home Directory and Data for more about this), deleting a user's account is a somewhat more complex process. We cannot go to tape if research data needs to be recovered from several years ago. So, the policy below has to describe both access control as well as data retention timelines.

Software Policies

The following are policies related to the support and installation of software on BCG servers.

Supported Software

The BCG supports several hundred computing applications on its Unix network and a dozen or so on its Microsoft Citrix servers. If you think that many users would benefit by an application that isn't supported, contact the BCG or consider supporting it yourself. If you are a sponsored graduate student and would like us to consider supporting a software package, please have your sponsor send us the request.

Appropriate Use

Unauthorized use of University computing systems may involve transgression of University policy and violation of state and federal laws. Unauthorized use is a crime and may involve criminal and civil penalties.

Appropriate use of BCG computing resources includes: