Working Remotely

This is a complete guide to working remotely in the BMI department. This guide assumes you are using a Windows or Mac system to connect from. If you have any questions or issues with anything in this guide, contact the BCG for assistance.

Getting Started with Remote Access

Before trying to work remotely, there are several steps and considerations to address while still in the office. This includes any software or preauthorization you will need.

Connecting to the BMI Network

Depending on where you are and what you want to connect to, connection requirements may vary. Most work will require a VPN connection of some form. Please see the menu item “Computing Resources” for additional information about our servers.

  • WiscVPN Connection — The standard way of connecting to the BMI network using a Virtual Private Network connection
  • Linux Login Servers — Most useful to those without access to a StaticVPN, or no VPN at all

Connect to your desktop or other server resources

Remote Printing

The best way to print remotely is to connect to your office desktop and print locally from there. If you need to print remotely from your laptop while elsewhere on campus, you must configure the printer before going remote. All remote printing will require a VPN connection.

Additional Resources